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Run 1 walk 3 half miles

After the last couple of runs that I did after dinner, I decided that I wanted to run before dinner and as late as possible.  I theorized this would work. However when I arrived at the gym around 7pm, it was PACKED!  The track which is 1/9th of a mile was full of people walking, jogging and sprinting!  On one of the straight legs of the track I had to run on the outside lane for the entire leg just to pass everyone.  When I arrive at the gym later at night I can run the inside lane the entire time I'm there, which could account for why I have to run 9 1/2 laps to get a full mile in!  Tonight I was beat.  Honestly, I only ran the first 1/2 mile and then walked briskly the second half.  Maybe it was because I hadn't had dinner yet.  So I kept walking until I hit 3 more half miles!  Yay me!  I had planned on staying until my son called for me to pick him up from wrestling.  When I finished my 4th half mile and my phone notified me of my pace, I texted him to see if he

Two half miles without stopping

Yes, this is seriously my time.  Yes, I ran.  Okay, it may be a jog or a trot to most people, but it was a run to me.  And I'm proud of it.  I did wait until the gym was almost closing again tonight.  10:45-ish is when I finished.  At this rate I'm going to finish the 1/2 marathon in 3:35.  Not bad.  Not great.  But it is my 1/2 miles and I did them.  After my 2 half mile run, I went into the sauna to stretch a bit.  I brought one of those figure eight bands in with me.  When I entered the sauna, there were four Somali women already there talking.  I had my earbuds and I squeezed myself into a spot long enough for me to lay down and stretch my legs.  I stretched my leg in the air with the band around my foot and...Bam!  It snapped back and hit me right in the face!  My first sports injury witnessed by four women

After dinner 1/2 mile

Sunday came and went.  A drove back to her dorm room 200 miles away after we had Chipotle for dinner.  I had a soft taco and chips.  My body was not happy with all the salt, but I managed to sneak a 1/2 mile run in before the gym closed.  It was 28 degrees outside and I was grateful to live so close to a gym with an indoor track.  The best part of this run was still having time to go into the sauna for 5 minutes after running.  It felt so good on my muscles. 

At this pace I'll finish a half in 3 hours 39 seconds

Today I ran earlier than yesterday.  I decided I don't really want to see myself in the reflection of the glass as I trot around the track.  So I went while it was nice and sunny. It is still cold, but sunny. My daughter says she is running 10 miles tomorrow.  I calculated.  10/26.2 miles is 38%.  She is running 38% of a marathon tomorrow and I'm still only on 1/13.1.   This means that I'm running about  7.6% of a half marathon.  Somehow doing the math makes me feel better.  In my work with clients I'm always asking them to break down financial their goals and intentions the smallest possible amount of time and smallest numbers.   For instance, if they want to make 100,000 a year, I have them break it down to months, weeks, days, hours, based on how much time they want to work.  So if you want to work 48 weeks a year, you would need to earn 2,083,33 a week to make a million a year.    There are lots of options from there.  They can have one $2,083 day a week or they