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2 half miles make a whole

 It was dark outside when I ran around the indoor track today, which allowed me to see my reflection in the glass windows as I came around the backside of each lap.  The weather is cold, the sky is dark and my body looks large and lumbering as I look at my reflection.  I'm ok with how I look.  I like who I am and I've learned to appreciate the journey.  I keep running.  There is no shame in being 50 pounds overweight while running.   

Feeling Accomplished

I feel so accomplished that I completed my half mile today before client meetings . The thing I appreciate most is that I’m not taking this seriously. I don’t have a goal to lose weight or to do something that I’ve never done before. All I want to do is go hang out with my daughter  in Cincinnati while she runs the flying pig marathon. I thought it would be fun to walk run crawl trot the half marathon at the same time. And I thought I would do my personal work of self appreciation to help me through this half marathon 1/2 miler at a time.  Today was my third half miler that I have documented .