Run 1 walk 3 half miles

After the last couple of runs that I did after dinner, I decided that I wanted to run before dinner and as late as possible. 

I theorized this would work.

However when I arrived at the gym around 7pm, it was PACKED!  The track which is 1/9th of a mile was full of people walking, jogging and sprinting!  On one of the straight legs of the track I had to run on the outside lane for the entire leg just to pass everyone. 

When I arrive at the gym later at night I can run the inside lane the entire time I'm there, which could account for why I have to run 9 1/2 laps to get a full mile in! 

Tonight I was beat.  Honestly, I only ran the first 1/2 mile and then walked briskly the second half.  Maybe it was because I hadn't had dinner yet.  So I kept walking until I hit 3 more half miles!  Yay me! 

I had planned on staying until my son called for me to pick him up from wrestling.  When I finished my 4th half mile and my phone notified me of my pace, I texted him to see if he was ready.  Nope, he suggested I go home and shower first and wait for him to text me.  I went home, but I ate dinner.  I was starving!  I appreciate that my husband had made pasta for dinner so I could go running and take care of picking up our son. 

I may have to rethink WHEN I run so I have the most energy to actually run! 


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