At this pace I'll finish a half in 3 hours 39 seconds

Today I ran earlier than yesterday.  I decided I don't really want to see myself in the reflection of the glass as I trot around the track.  So I went while it was nice and sunny. It is still cold, but sunny.

My daughter says she is running 10 miles tomorrow.  I calculated.  10/26.2 miles is 38%.  She is running 38% of a marathon tomorrow and I'm still only on 1/13.1.   This means that I'm running about  7.6% of a half marathon.  Somehow doing the math makes me feel better.  In my work with clients I'm always asking them to break down financial their goals and intentions the smallest possible amount of time and smallest numbers.   For instance, if they want to make 100,000 a year, I have them break it down to months, weeks, days, hours, based on how much time they want to work.  So if you want to work 48 weeks a year, you would need to earn 2,083,33 a week to make a million a year.    There are lots of options from there.  They can have one $2,083 day a week or they can work 20 hours which would mean they only have to earn $104.17 hour in a 20 hour week week.  Numbers feel safe to me.  They help me know where to direct my energy. 

So today, I ran 2 half miles or 1.00 full miles in 15.52minutes.  I calculated my race time... At this pace I could run 13.1 miles in 3:39 hours.   15.52 for 1 mile.  13.1 miles x 15.52 = 203.31/60 = 3:39 hours.
My daughter said she would finish the full marathon in around 3:45 hours so I think this will work!

Maybe I'm just focusing on the numbers so I can forget the fact that I'm training for a half marathon one half-mile at a time.


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